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Websites & Apps For Children With Autism

Monday, July 8th, 2013

The advancement in website graphics, interactivity & general depth and scope, along with the recent surge in smart phone apps in the same way, is a great thing for parents of children with autism. Beautiful graphics along with instant, imaginative interaction are perfect ingredients to help with Autism, and a new generation of websites and apps means that parents aren’t limited in choice. Let’s take a look at some of each, that really stand out from the crowd…


Zac Browser – No article on websites and autism would be complete without a mention of Zac Browser – A free browser full of educational games, activities and videos.

Sensory World – This websites works as an interactive story that lets kids participate a range of activities that include recreational and learning games. – This is a straight forward games website, geared towards children with moderate to server autism. There’s a small selection of around 9 games, but they’re all well worth looking at.

DoToLearn – This websites has sections that help build on academics, social skills and behaviour management, all in the form of interactive games and activities for children with disabilities.

Gecko Kids – This is a simple gateway website that is a directory of a variety of websites aimed at kids learning, activities, videos and games.


Autism Speaks – Has a brilliant, comprehensive list of Apps for children with autism, ranging from learning to communication to recreation. The list is organised by price, device and type.

Conversation Builder – A brilliant app for those who want to work on speech and conversation in a fun way. Conversation builder is the winner of a variety of awards for speech therapy and social skill building.

Proloquo2go – This app is for children who have difficulty communicating through speech. The popular app allows kids to select appropriate questions, actions & feelings, from a wide range of categories.

Autismate – This app allows parents to take photos of rooms in the house, and click where each fitting is (ie fridge, sink, bed, doors etc). Once complete, children can click each thing in the house and see videos of the right way to do things. This needs to be seen to be fully understood – it’s a great idea.

Kid In Story – is a brilliant app for any child, that allows the parent to superimpose the child into a variety of stories. The stories are based around helping children understand certain social situations, conventions and behaviors.

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