Best Math Websites for Kids Under 5

There are a number of high quality math learning websites for children under the age of 5 that can be a great supplement to other math teaching methods that you may be using for your children. These websites have simple math games that can build your child’s skills and teach them important math concepts. Math games are a valuable learning tool for Pre-K children and a fun way for them to accelerate their math learning prior to starting kindergarten.


Using a multi-faceted approach to teaching math concepts is generally recommended for parents, and your math teaching can include home lessons, interactive toys that teach math concepts, and interactive tools like math websites and games. Here are some of the best math websites that are intended for children under the age of 5:

Sesame Street 

Sesame Street’s website ( is guaranteed to keep toddlers and children under the age of 5 interested in learning, as there are a number of entertaining, fun and interactive games for them. The dozens of games on Sesame Street’s game website teach important math fundamentals as well as language, science concepts, art, and more. Sesame Street’s game website is specifically designed for children under the age of 5, and the selection of games can be filtered by the age of your child. There are also interactive videos to teach social concepts, art games and interactive tools and more. If your child is a fan of Sesame Street he or she will love this website and its many useful teaching tools. offers a large section of math games for children aged 4 and offers a great library of information for parents on how to teach various concepts to children starting at age 1. There is a list of milestone goals for children based on their age, and the PBS child development tracker goes up to age 9. There is an extensively detailed section on how to teach math concepts to your child during each year of their life. Other subjects like creative arts, language, literacy, physical health, science, and social and emotional growth are covered in detail by age level. It is a great resource for both parents and children for math and other learning topics. has a Pre-K section with a wide variety of skill games for children under the age of 5. The games include counting, shapes, classification, size, comparison, money counting and other basic games to teach children fundamental math concepts. As your child gets older, IXL can still be used as the games on IXL go up to the 8th grade level.

Math Game Time 

Math Game Time ( organizes its games by grade level and offers a section for Pre-K children including several games and worksheets as well as a number of math training videos. The site can be used by parents by clicking on the “Pre-K” section and selecting a game. has some math games for children aged 3-5 including a learning numbers game, learn to count game, and an add numbers game. There are other games for children under the age of 5 including language games, science lesson games, and puzzle games for critical thinking development.

Learning Games for Kids 

Learning Games for Kids ( offers a number of math learning games for preschool children along with puzzle games. The math games including a matching numbers game, counting carnival game, and many others.

There are many other websites available to teach young children math concepts but these are some of the best. When using any of the above websites to teach children math concepts you can help them with using the website by navigating them to the proper page and setting the game up.

Using all the tools that you have available to teach your children math concepts is an often recommended approach, and these websites offer a great and valuable resource to help your children learn fundamental math concepts so that they can excel by the time they are ready for kindergarten level math.

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