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The best websites for kids learning to read

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

When your kids are learning how to read and developing their comprehension skills, you will want to provide them with as many quality resources as possible. Using home based learning tools like interactive reading websites can be a great way to accelerate their reading education. Some of the best websites for kids learning to read have been released in just the past few years and are at the forefront of child education technology.

Interactive reading websites are a popular and fun way to supplement classroom reading education and other forms of at-home instruction. With a wide variety of reading programs and websites available you will want to use the most effective and engaging options available for your children.

Kids Reading

Here are a few of the best options available:

Starfall ( is a free online reading instruction program that is one of the most popular online options for teaching children how to read. The website uses a variety of games and interactive entertainment as teaching tools for reading and as an educational alternative to other forms of entertainment. Starfall can be used to teach kindergarten through second grade, homeschooled children, and for special education. Starfall also released a reading curriculum in 2009 that is designed with motivational techniques and active involvement.

Book Adventure ( is another free online reading program sponsored by Sylvan Learning that is designed for children in grades K-8th. Book Adventure uses a motivational approach by allowing children to earn prizes for what they have read, and it also uses a number of interactive tools. Children can take quizzes on the books they have read, and there is also information for teachers and parents on best practices for reading instruction. Teachers can also use the website to track their students’ progress and issue prizes.

Studydog ( is an effective online learning tool that is not free but offers a wide range of features and benefits compared to other tools. It allows parents and teachers to follow their kids’ progress, and the program adapts to an individual child’s progress and speed. Online access allows children to start and stop the program as they wish. Real-time progress reports are available at any time. Best practices for reading training are used at every reading level. Since the program is adaptive to a child’s abilities, it makes the games and interactive teaching tools easy for them to use while challenging them enough to aid their development.

ABC Ya ( is another free reading education website that offers a variety of games for elementary school aged children. The games are developed by experienced teachers and are based on standard reading lessons. Games are available for each grade from K-5th and games incorporate multiple disciplines such as math and computer skills. The games are designed to be as intriguing and fun as possible for each grade level. There are also a variety of educational apps available on the website. The site is supported by child safe ads however which may be a downside for parents who prefer to use website without ads. also has a variety of games for free including math, reading, arcade and other games for K-8th grade children. Free books are available including best sellers and games are designed to be intriguing and interactive, and over 100 games are available. The site has offered kids games since 1997 and has expanded its offerings into comic books, free educational games and books, and more.

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